Benefit Students

Why Students?

What’s in it for them?

We Pay The Student.! You need to buy a hosting plan. You can’t have a site on the internet without it. We pay the student that helped you get your hosting set up, $120 to use toward paying for their education. That’s as much as 100% of what you pay for your hosting. 

We believe in supporting future tech people. You’re going to need them in the near future and it’s better for you to have a support person that’s not only well educated, but understands real-life scenarios as well.

Who doesn’t love getting paid to learn? The experience the student gets is not just a text book or theory lesson. At college, they learn hands-on about hosting plans, servers, and more. With your purchase, they get paid to learn how to give great customer sales and service, how to determine a customer’s real needs and put the right plan in place so the customer – you – never have to worry about. Any student loves to get paid to learn, right?

Why choose us?

Because we’re good – darn good - at what we do.

We offer great hosting plans, powered by avid college and university students. And don’t worry about downtime. We’ll keep your site up and running 99.9% of the time. That’s the same promise you’ll get from the big boys like GoDaddy, Bluehost and HostGator.

After Your Purchase…

You don’t get personal service like that anywhere else!

After you make your purchase, you’ll get a phone call from a company rep to verify that you do indeed have the right plan for your needs. If you buy a hosting plan from someone like GoDaddy (not slamming the competition – just pointing out the differences) and you’ve chosen the wrong plan, it could be a costly mistake. This way, you have the comfort of knowing we’ve taken every measure to make sure you’re in the right space for your needs.